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Free Server Hosting

You can get a free server hosted by Aternos a free minecraft server hosting company. All you need to get starter on making your own modded, vanilla or a premade Mod Pack based server is a username and an Email. But the down side to this free server hosting web is that it is not on 24/7. You have to turn your server on when you want to use it. The IP for the Aternos server that I own is KhanBhai.aternos.me
My server that I use which is also hosted by Aternos is called KhanBhai and the IP to it is ( KhanBhai.aternos.me )

Paid Servers

If you want a better server that is 24/7 and is paid monthly you can get your server at CubedHosting. You can customise your server an it will run very smoothly but this server hosting is only for vanilla minecraft.
If you want a server for your own modded or a premade Mod Pack you can use Mc ProHosting. This server hosting web is 24/7 and supports all of your needs.

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